The time has come to do some work on your home. More specifically, your roof.  Perhaps it is a roof replacement or a repair. You must be sure you have a company you can trust as you move forward. Here are some important questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line, and work begins.

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Are You Insured?

This is important for a few reasons. First of all, you want to be sure they have the proper credentials to do the work you are asking of them. Secondly, you want to know they care enough to follow proper procedures. Here are three specific items to inquire about:

  • Licensed – They must be approved by the state’s board of licensing contractors
  • Bonded – This means that a bonding company verifies this roofing contractor does business correctly and ethically.
  • Insured – All contractors must be fully insured with workers’ compensation, general liability, and vehicle insurance policy. 

A company you can trust will provide you with proof of each of these. 

Are You Local? 

Make sure the company has a local address and phone number. If complications arise, you will want to have them come quickly to assess the situation. Also, regular maintenance may be needed to keep your roof in tip-top condition. Some companies like to move from town to town after storm damage. They most likely don’t know of local laws, regulations, and permits that must be followed. 

How Long Have You Been in Business? 

It is best to work with a roofing contractor that has been “around the block” and knows and understands the ins and outs of a roofing system. The longer a company has been in business, the likelihood it will still be for years to come. They will be there when you need them. 

Do You Offer a Warranty on Your Products? 

Warranties can be offered anywhere from 1, 5, 10, 25, or the lifetime of the roofing system. You will want to know just what is available before the project begins. 

Can you offer me references? 

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An honest company filled with integrity will offer you references upon your request. It is helpful to inquire about these references. Many times people will be truthful and upfront about the good, the bad, and the ugly of a company they worked with on their roofing system. Don’t be bashful in asking. 

These are five of the basic questions you should inquire about when locating a reputable and honest roofing company. There are, however, many other areas of concern and questions you should ask. These should get the conversation started with your contractor. 

  • What type of training does your crew have?
  • When can you schedule my job?
  • What steps do you take to keep you and your crew safe? 
  • How will you protect my property and driveway from damage? 
  • How is payment handled? 
  • How much is the final cost of my new roof, or repair? 

The wise homeowner will inquire and interview the company before moving forward. No one likes uninvited surprises, especially when it comes to your budget and your home. 

Thankfully, Legend Roofing of Tampa can answer all of your questions with positive answers. We care about your roof just as much as you do. We are dedicated to clear communication, reasonable pricing, and a transparent process that is seamless for our customers. We have been servicing the local community for over 35 years and have the skills to meet your roofing needs. Our ultimate goal is for your complete satisfaction, from start to finish. Call us to discuss your roofing needs!