Is there such a thing as a hurricane-proof roof for your Florida business? Metal roofing panels come closest to being able to resist the damaging winds of a hurricane. Let’s learn more about the pros and cons of metal roofs for commercial properties in the Sunshine State.


While there isn’t a roofing material in existence, metal or otherwise, that is guaranteed against the most vicious winds, overall metal roofing has been shown to be highly resistant to hurricane wind damage. Unlike roofing shingles, tile, or shake, vertical seam metal roofs are installed with a continuous piece that extends the entire way from the eave (lowest part of the roof) to the ridge (highest part of the roof). When properly constructed and installed, this greatly minimizes the areas where winds and precipitation can penetrate beneath the roof, causing the kind of damage that leads to roof collapse.



Metal roofs have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are mechanically attached to the roof deck with screws. This creates a roof that is more secure and can withstand many times the stress loads of most other roofing materials.

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Metal roofs also can be more resistant to hail and projectile materials that can be tossed about during a storm. Whether or not a roof is damaged by projectiles during a storm depends on the weight of the object, the angle at impact, and the velocity at which it is moving–among other variables of physics that can be in play.


Other advantages of metal roofing for a commercial building include:

  • Durability
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fire protection
  • Greater energy efficiency and reduced energy costs for your business
  • Metal roofs do not crack, shrink, or erode

If your business needs an attractive option for a durable and green roofing solution that won’t blow your budget with costly maintenance, the metal roofing is an excellent choice for a business building in a hurricane-prone region.


1. Sound/Noise


When you’re in the woods and the sound of rain hits a tin roof, you might find that soothing. Or you might not. Magnify that sound over business operations in a small office suite, and you might not get any work done. Consider, though, the cost of replacing your building versus the inconvenience of roof noise during heavy rain. Safety over silence? The choice is yours to make, but do consult with a roofer who specializes in metal roofing. There may be acoustic changes you can make upon installation or from inside the office space so that your workflow is not interrupted during that big storm. Just remember, the cost for these acoustic adjustments must be factored into your roof installation budget.

2. Finances

Metal roofs are not cheap to install. It’s also not cheap to rebuild a business, but you need all the facts up front before you install a metal roof, right. According to Home Advisor’s Guide to Roofing Costs, metal roof materials can cost anywhere from $120-900.00 per 100 square feet. That being said (catch your breath), you can pay near the same amount for the highest-end of other types of roofing materials and still not get the protection benefits that a metal roof provides. The other factors that drive cost include the expertise needed to install metal roofs. It’s an art and a science different from the installation of roofs using more traditional roofing materials. Lastly, a metal roof may very well be the last roof you will ever put on your commercial building. That high-end roof made from other materials–it still has a 15-year lifespan even without accounting for the unpredictability of Florida weather.

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3. Denting

Hail and falling limbs can dent metal roofs, which means those expenses pieces will occasionally have to be replaced. The solution to denting–even if it is caused by the impact of a baseball that some kid knocked-out of the park and landed on your roof–is choosing a dent-resistant metal. Some types of metal are just stronger than others. For example, aluminum and copper are both softer and more prone to dent damage than steel.

4. Style

Let’s face it metal is not that pretty to look at. On a big box building you may not be so concerned about the aesthetic of your roof. However, if curbside appearance is a concern, then you can opt for a metal shingle that has been manufactured to resemble wood shakes, slate, or clay tiles among many other designs. The metal can approximate the look using multiple-layer factory finishes that give a look and finish that is both beautiful and durable.


It is easy to understand how Florida businesses can benefit from wind-resistant metal roofing typically does not sustain any damage (or sustains very little damage). On a commercial building, a metal roof is an investment that can save thousands, even millions of dollars in repair costs after a hurricane. But which metal roof is right for your Florida business?

Is a Metal Roof Hurricane-Proof Enough for Florida

This question can only be answered by sitting down with a roofing professional who has expertise in installing metal roofs and who will take the time to understand the needs and concerns of your business. You want to work with someone who will address with you:

  • How long you have been in business and how long you will remain in business at the current location/building.
  • Plans for expansion and timeline
  • Types of business activities that take place inside the building
  • The age of the existing roof and the types of problems it has had
  • Other building structural concerns

These, and other considerations, all go into the decision for which metal materials are best for your building, what internal changes may need to be made, and other variables associated with the factors listed above.


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